Garment Bags - The Confused Dance Mum

A story about how a Confused Dance Mum discovered the joy of garment bags....


Two days before end-of-year concert rehearsal:

Tiny Dancer 1: "Mum... Miss Dance-Teacher-X said we need a garment bag for the concert!"

Tiny Dancer 2: "...yeah... my dance friend X said we need to get one too"

Tiny Dancer 3: " Can we get one, all the big girls have them!!"

Confused Dance Mum: "What.... No.... I don't even know what that is!! Oh my goodness.... I spend enough on you three dancing, I'm not buying more stuff we don't need!!!"

Day before end-of-year concert:

Tiny Dancer 1: "Mum.... where's the scrunchie for my Jazz constume???"

Tiny Dancer 2: "Mum.... have you seen my body stocking???"

Confused Dance Mum: "They were in each of your dance bags you took to the rehearsal!!!! Where did you put them when you got home?? What do you mean you've looked everywhere!!!"

Two tiny dancers are now on the lounge room floor crying in panic, because the THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

Call to Miss Dance-Teacher-X:

Confused Dance Mum: ".... wondering if there was a junior jazz scrunchie and a medium body stocking left behind after the concert rehearsal...??"

I could hear the dance teacher rolling her eyes through the phone.... clearly I wasn't the only dance parent calling in a panic today!!!!

Miss Dance-Teacher-X: (sighs) "Yes... there were a couple of scrunchies left behind, but no body stockings... the dance shop is open until 2:00 pm today if you need to get another one. We suggest that the kids get a garment bag to transport and store all their costume items, so things don't get lost..... they aren't expensive, the dance shop should have some"

Confused Dance Mum: (through gritted teeth) "Yes.... the girls mentioned they were a good idea"


The moral to this story.....

After two child meltdowns, a mad dash to the dance shop and an hour of convincing Tiny Dancer 1 that Miss Dance-Teacher-X DID have her scrunchie and YES SHE WOULD bring it to the concert for her.... 

...... I'd learned my lesson....... listen to the people with the experience and knowledge!!!! 

Garment bags are an excellent way of keeping all performance items together, there are pockets for accessories, hair essentials and shoes. They are also great for storing costumes in a wardrobe, together with all their accessories!!!

This Confused Dance Mum highly recommends investing in a few, you can generally fit more than one costume per bag and they are cheaper than re-purchasing all the items your tiny dancer loses!! 


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